Friday, June 17, 2005

Col. Samuel McDowell Tate - Camp 836

This is your camp. Once you get familiar with how to post comments and to create your own new posts this will be a good way to stay in touch and to share information as well as those things it can serve to notify the world of our meetings and events.

The program to send pictures to this web page "blog" is called "hello". It is pretty good. Just choose run to install or download.


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At 1:39 AM, Blogger SSGCHESTER'S BLOG-O-RAMA! said...

My great great grandfather, Sidney Jefferson Chester served in the NC 6th along with his brothers. He died here in Texas in 1920.
G.O. Stoner Camp #1000 SCV.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger CarolinaBob said...

Co F - 3rd NC Cavalry, 41st Regt.NCT

This company, originally known as "Davis Dragoons," was enlisted at Morganton, Burke County, for twelve months service. The original recruits were principally from Burke County. The company was mustered into Confederate States service at Morganton on December 17, 1861, to date from November 23, 1861, as Captain Thomas G. Walton’s Company of North Carolina Volunteers. From Morganton the company moved to Wilmington, where it was reported at Camp Anderson on February 28, 1862. The March-April, 1862, muster roll reports it at Camp Wyatt, near Wilmington. On May 13, 1862, the company was reorganized under Captain Elisha A. Perkins and became known as Captain Perkins' Company of North Carolina Volunteers. Little is known of the company's activities during this period. On the May-June and July-August, 1862, company muster rolls the station of the company is given as Onslow County. It can only be assumed that they were performing the same picket and scouting duties as were other cavalry companies in the same general area. On September 3, 1862, the company was assigned to the 41st Regiment N. C. Troops (3rd Regiment N. C. Cavalry) . Initially designated Company A, it was later redesignated Company F. After that date the company functioned as a part of the regiment, and its history is recorded as a part of the regimental history.

CONTACT: Carolina_Bob@Yahoo.Com To Join Other Descendents in an Exhaustive Regimental History of This Unit.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger CarolinaBob said...

MEMBERS OF Co F - 3rd NC Cavalry
"Davis Dragoons"

Adams, James S.
Aikin, William R.
Anthony, Philip
Avery, William B.
Avery, Willoughby F.
Baker, Darius R.
Barker, Thomas A.
Bean, Henry
Bennett, Hugh C.
Bowman, Samuel
Branch, Ephraim
Branch, Sherwood
Bristol, John M.
Brittain, O. P.
Brittian, J. T.
Brown, J. C.
Brown, John
Brown, Lawson
Brown, R. P.
Brown, Robert
Browning, D. C.
Browning, David E.
Browning, Dolphus E.
Bryan, E. J.
Carrier, H.N.
Carroll, Charles
Carson, George
Chamler, A.P.
Chandler, Alvin P.
Chanler, Alvin P.
Clark, John N.
Clay, Harvey
Clay, J. Hervey
Clonts, Samuel M.
Clonts, William A.
Clontz, John N.
Clouts, S.M.
Clouts, W.A.
Conley, Hugh
Conley, J.L.J.
Conley, Jacob A.
Conley, Jr., Allen
Connelly, Allen
Connelly, Hugh
Connelly, Jacob A.
Conway, W.A.
Cooper, William E.
Corpening, D.Jackson
Corpening, Jackson D.
Coston, O.F.
Crawley, Alexander
Dale, D. C.
Dale, John A.
Dale, Joseph A.
Duckworth, John R.
Eaton, James
England, Henry
Farr, James A. J.
Farr, Jesse
Fisher, Isaac
Fitzgerald, Walter
Fleming, John A.
Fleming, John T.
Fox, Abraham
Fox, William J.
Freshnater, F. J.
Friar, James
Futch, John
Gibbs, R.
Gibbs, R.G.
Giles, John M.
Grady, Alexander
Henderson, E. H.
Henderson, Edmond E.
Hill, Samuel
Hoey, S. A.
Hoey, W. H.
Howard, Robert P.
Janes, W.C.
Jordan, John F.
Kellum, Bryant
Kerley, S. C.
Kerly, Samuel C.
Killum, Bryant
Kincaid, J. Monroe
Kincaid, J. Rufus
Kincaid, Monroe J.
Kincaid, Robert N.
Kincaid, Rufus J.
Kincaid, Thomas W.
Kincaid, W.W.
Laxton, D.C.
Laxton, Joseph L.
Laxton, R.P.
Laxton, Romulas
Layson, R.
Layton, R.T.
Lea, J.W.
Ledbetter, George W.
Lindsey, H.P.
Love, C. G.
Martin, William J.
Mayo, Enos G.
McElrath, Robert J.
McEntire, William T.
McGimsey, Charles A.
McGimsey, John W.
McGinsey, J. W.
McNeely, Edney
McNeely, W.E.
McNeely, W.E.
Melton, Littlebury W.
Metts, H. G.
Michell, W. B.
Miller, E.H.
Miller, Robert C.
Mitchell, William B.
Moore, J. A.
Moore, William S.
Mott, Henry Y.
Mull, Joseph H.
Oliver, William
Parks, Austin L.
Patterson, John H.
Pearcey, Gabriel C.
Pearcy, Gabriel P.
Pearson, M. S.
Pearson, M. W.
Pearson, Michael
Perkins, Elisha A.
Pottet, John
Powell, George L.
Puckett, John
Puett, A. P.
Puett, S. E.
Queen, J. F.
Queen, John A.
Queen, John H.
Riggs, George
Riggs, I.J.
Riggs, Isaac
Roderick, Sidney M.
Ross, Albert R.
Ross, R. A.
Scott, J.S.
Scott, L.M.
Scott, Lucius C.
Shuffer, Philip B.
Sisk, Bartlett H.
Smith, Golson
Stacy, Wesley W.
Stacy, William W.
Stallings, William
Stuart, Joshua A.
Sudderth, Robert W.
Tate, Hugh W.
Tate, Junius C.
Terry, Larkin
Thompson, W.N.
Tuette, John A.
Tuite, John A.
Wakefield, W.H.
Wakefield, William
Walker, Peter J.
Walton, J.A.
Walton, James T.
Walton, Jessee
Walton, T. George
Walton, Thomas G.
Whisenhunt, Isaac
Wimbly, David
Winn, Coke
Wise, William H.
Wynn, Coke
Armestead, Thomas S.
Armstead, T.S.
Baker, John A.
Legrim, D.K.
Lindsay, Henry P.
Moore, Roger
Smith, J. N.
Sparks, Bnejamin W.
Tunstall, Thomas J.
Waddell, Alfred M.
Walker, Benjamin M.
Warren, C.S.
Warren, T.J.
Warren, T.S.


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